Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ms. Katie Lavers & Mr. Jonathan Hanlon

From: Katie Lavers (
Subject: Your website is sad
Date: December 16, 2009 9:18:38 AM GMT+09:00

Dear expat. exposed,
I was recommended to look at your website for a laugh by my kiwi mate as an example of whinging pom's. It was hillarious! People complaining about heating and lack of good food - did they research the country at all before they decided to make the move out here? Do these people make all their decisions based on advertising and hype?

My husband and I moved out here from the uk over two years ago and have absolutely loved every minute of it. I have met plenty of Brits unhappy with the move and they have all had massive issues with themselves and the reasons for their move in the first place, whether it be to save a marriage or change patterns of behaviour in themselves, to overt racism at the multi-culturalism of Britain today. These people will always want to move or complain about their circumstances as they cannot see that the problem is in themselves not where they are.

Promoting a website that encourages people to blame an entire country for their own decision-making is completely irresponsible and idiotic, it merely enables these people to play the victim role when there is no-one else responsible for their life other than themselves.

New Zealand is what it is, as England is what it is. The world is not perfect - deal with it!

A happy ex-pat embarrassed by her clan * ** **

From: Admin, Expat Exposed
Subject: Re: Your website is sad
Date: December 16, 2009 12:04:11 PM GMT+09:00
To: Katie Lavers (

Dear Katie,

So being routinely frozen out, screamed at as a "Chink", being referred to as someone who should be deported or killed — you consider those things to be so acceptable?

That's fine, you're entitled to your own views of my 18 months in New Zealand

But if it's acceptable, then there's no need to hide them away from general view, is there?

Merry Christmas to you too,

Co-Founder and Administrator, Expat Exposed

From: Jonathan (
Subject: I agree with Katie
Date: December 17, 2009 7:28:24 AM GMT+09:00

Hi there Agness

I am in full agreement with Katie Lavers. She wrote a very well composed email to you and you replied to her with an off the topic rant about racism.
The key reason why many immigrants to NZ have a difficult time is that they arrive unprepared. Before they leave their home country, they are swept up in the fantasy that NZ is a paradise that will solve their problems. It would be fair to say that many people who move here on that presumption are trying to escape from personal problems and family issues. People are also very prone to seeing the best in their home country and the worst in a new country. We are all subjects of our upbringing.

It is unfortunate for you that you have gone to such great lengths to complain... Complaining is obviously a huge part of your life, and the end result is that you must be a rather sad person.

Would everything magically be better if you returned to Nederland?

Kind regards,


From: Admin, Expat Exposed
Subject: Re: I agree with Katie
Date: December 17, 2009 4:23:58 PM GMT+09:00
To: Jonathan

Hello Jonathan,

? I think you have me mistaken for someone else. I'm not Dutch, I'm American-Japanese.

BTW, just out of curiosity, is there a particular reason you two are spontaneously writing angry notes to me? It's only a week to go till Christmas, you know. Shouldn't you be doing nice things for people?


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Monday, June 8, 2009

Mr. Richard Browne

From: Richard Browne (
Subject: RE: New Private Message has arrived
Date: June 8, 2009 5:57:12 PM GMT+09:00

Fuck off out of NZ,you fucking Cunt..You will never be happy wherever u live..

Mr. Richard Browne

From: Richard Browne (
Subject: RE: Your reputation has changed
Date: June 8, 2009 5:56:27 PM GMT+09:00

You can fuck off and kill yourself you miserable fucking CUNTS..Fuck off out of NZ..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mr. Mark Wallace

From: mark wallace (
Subject: Deactivate...grow up, quit whining or gtfo out of nz.
Date: January 14, 2009 1:02:31 PM GMT+09:00

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ms. Lynette Burlison

From: Lynette Burlison (
Subject: deactivate
Date: January 1, 2009 4:37:28 AM JST

I don't have the energy for whining expats who do not have what it takes to make the grade